Gregory A. Ormson, D. Min.
4 min readOct 8, 2021


Arizona has a severe water crisis. It’s been met with silence. State government has said almost nothing about it, and no action has been taken. It’s as if it doesn’t exist, or that the bountiful monsoon rains from this summer have suddenly erased a 26 year mega-drought.

The beauty of a wild river

Even with a record monsoon in 2021, shortages and drought conditions remain over 80% of the state. It’s not hard to predict that the shortages will become more severe in the future.

Remember fist-fights taking place over masks? That will look like child play when Americans are finally forced to ration it. My reasoning for stating that we will react badly is based on simple observation of how many people reacted to something as simple as a mask, a small piece of cloth placed over mouth and nose.

It takes little imagination to envision the day when fist fights will break out on lawns over water use and sprinklers. I see more anger when we are required to curtail regular showers, when golf courses and sports fields will be forced to cut back, and when we can’t use the water we want whenever we want. Americans don’t react well when being told what to do.

Many American people think they can do what they want, and that constitutes freedom. If that is true, you most likely have an enlarged sense of self-importance and entitlement. Doing what we want…

Gregory A. Ormson, D. Min.

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