Arizona has a severe water crisis. It’s been met with silence. State government has said almost nothing about it, and no action has been taken. …

“I got dreams that are too big for mass.” #thisbeinghuman

And when dreams meet Self, every yogi becomes shattered and burned. Forgetting everything they thought they knew, they are steeped in the new identities of sojourners on sacred paths, beggars in great need, and apprentices to humble sages.

Descriptions abate and prophesies grow into fullness while the wisdom of silence…

The Psychology of Injury as Wise Teacher: gestalt techniques to overcome and face your injury

Practical tips here for facing your injury

In the West, we understand the notion of ego as the anchor of our public identity. While it’s not talked about in casual conversation, some psychology terms are part of our regular vocabulary to the degree that most of us have some understanding of the unconscious. …

Silent No More, and No More Stolen Sisters, rallying cries for Indigenous women leaders and bikers riding loud bikes and wearing red. This is to bring attention, awareness, and change…


Is a three part yoga workshop for embodying yogs’s healing grace. 1. Spiritual Metaphysics adn the nature of breath, 2. Koshas and the Work of Consciousness, 3. Western and Eastern Yoga Philosophies: a comparison and contrast

My workshops on yoga and spirituality sound heady: the nature of consciousness, Western philosophical…

#motorcyclingyogiG. Photo credits: MJ Britt.

When motorcyclists’ approach their bikes, their heart rate speeds up as they throw a leg up and sink down to the black leather. It’s their rightful position: between the tires, over the twin, and into the wind.

I turn the ignition and push my thumb into the start button. Twisting…

PUBLIC SPEAKING It’s Not About You, It’s About Something Else

Teachers learn to teach by gaining competency in a subject and by attending teacher training. But standing in front of others to speak or teach for real can be a shock. …

Promontory Trail, Mogollon Rim, Payson, Arizona. Image Source: David Pinter via Wikimedia Commons.

Reflections on a sixteen-day yoga instructor training retreat in Pine, Arizona. Lessons learned, epiphanies reached, and truths revealed.

For five years I’ve diligently practiced yoga and written about it for three, including an earlier essay published here in HelloYoga. To kick off the next chapter in my yoga journey, I took a 200-hour yoga teacher training course in July. It was a sixteen-day intensive led by Cassandra Bright…

With the inhale, exhale, and hold, I’m moved to completeness. I learn that my place, my contentment, is anchored in the link that is welded into me by yoga. These simple moves are a stunning antidote for worry. They have become my spiritual DNA, lodging in my soul and energizing my spine.

I fasten to this deep core with breath and meditation pioneered by music and time. I embody asana and rejoice in a glimpse of the periphery turned central, a new identity refined by fusion of the particular and the universal. Moment by single moment, I inhabit a contentment and know we are all a beautiful crush of salt and pepper.


Gregory A. Ormson, D. Min.

Gregory, #motorcyclingyogiG writes on yoga, motorcycling, music, and any subject not trending. Writer’s Webpage https://gregoryormson.com

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